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Carpet Odors & Routine House Cleaning

by Gary Megginson on 01/12/15

   In our business, as a janitorial company, occasionally we have a customer call our office to tell us that the service job was not up to par.  Ok, it happens, we hire humans and everyone has a bad day.  So we send out a staff member to resolve any issues as soon as possible.   We are in the customer service business, after all.  

   However, anytime a situation like this arises and we are trying to correct the trouble, we always check the equipment first to see if our tools for the job are working properly.  A carpenter with a broken hammer is not much use until the hammer gets fixed, right?  Specifically, if the issue has to do with the customers’ carpet, we will check the vacuum cleaner for proper function and operation.  Here’s a quick check list to check your vacuum:

  •          Plug It In & Turn It On?  Does the motor work?  Is there possibly an electric short that needs repair?  Get it serviced.
  •          Vacuum Bag; is it full?  Either empty it or change it depending upon vacuum model.
  •          Brush Roller; is it spinning properly?  Is it full of rolled up carpet fibers, string, hair, or other debris? Remove & free up the roller.
  •          Roller Belt; is it there or did it break? Is it old and stretched out?  If it is warn, replace it.
  •          Does It Pick Up?  Sometimes the hose or tube between the brush roller and the bag is clogged with dirt and other stuff.  Unblock the jam.
  •          Does Your Vacuum Have A Carpet Height Adjustment?  If your vacuum is set to vacuum high shag carpet & you are working on a low loop berber carpet the brush will fly over the top of the carpet without touching.  Therefore the vacuum won’t pick up as much as it could. 

 It is a good habit to do a quick check of your equipment is working properly before you invest your valuable time on any project.  As my Grampa used to tell me…  “Don’t confuse effort with results!”  

HELP! My carpet stinks & I don't know what to do!

by Gary Megginson on 12/16/14

   Let's get this Out Of The Way right away...  Everyone has at one time or another experienced living with carpets that don't smell wonderful!  So before you grab an odor fogging machine and blast your entire home with deodorizer or sprinkle a dozen cans of carpet scent powder all around the living room.  Odors are a common situation that we will all deal with from time to time, let's talk about what to do about the smells!  

   First of all, it is always best to locate exactly where the odor is coming from. This may require you to wander around sniffing to see if you are getting closer to the source or if you're going away from the cause.  You may need to enlist help from someone that has a really good sense of smell.  
   Then, deal with the source of the odor.  
  • If you are smelling a musty odor, it could be that the carpets need a complete and aggressive carpet vacuuming to remove dust.  
  • If you are smelling a moldy odor, it could be water wetting the carpet and causing a situation ripe for the growth of mold.  If that is the case, find out the source of the water and stop the water flow.  {This can be a complicated issue, that I will address in a later blog}
  • If you are smelling a bad rotting smell, look carefully and completely to find the source.  Is it a bag old bag of potatoes in the back of a cupboard shelf that has gone bad?  Did a pet do their "business" under the couch?  If the odor is next to a wall, it may be a rodent has died on the other side of the drywall...  
Bottom line is the first thing to do to eliminate odor issues is to locate the cause. Then you can deal with the cause...  We will address causes and solutions in future messages.  Thank you for your time!

Carpet Deodorizing Powders

by Gary Megginson on 12/13/14

   This week, while cleaning carpets in an apartment the customer said that the carpets smelled bad and asked my opinion of Carpet Powder Deodorizers (CPD).  I told her what I tell everyone about carpet powders.  CPDs are ok to use IF you have a very good vacuum cleaner that will pull the old powder back out of the carpet once the deodorizing properties have been exhausted.  If you don't have a good strong vacuum cleaner, the left over powder will be just one more thing in your carpet that will need to be extracted later.  
   This conversation got me to thinking about both CPDs and carpet odors in general.  So I thought I would write a series to discuss issues related to Carpet Cleaning in regards to specifically Carpet Odors and the health aspects of treating odors.  

Cleaning for the Health of It! How clean is the air you breathe?

by Gary Megginson on 11/30/13

It may seem obvious and is often overlooked.  How clean is your air?  Look at the AIR Vents in your office… Are they clean, dusty, or dirty?  Then how clean is the air that is being delivered to your office workspace?

Is your building located near a highway, freeway, or major street? 

Steps to improve indoor air quality should include;

  • Sealing around windows and doors to reduce unfiltered air entrance.

  • Heating and Air Conditioning filter replacement.

  • Use air purifiers and/or air filters.

  • Vacuum cleaners with quality filtration systems:

    •  HEPA filter systems are best. (High-Efficiency Particulate Absorption)

    • Disposable quality paper filtration bags that are changed often.

  • Dusting with microfiber type towels or microfiber type dust wands.

  • Wipe with wet terry cloth towels, that can be washed regularly.


Taking these steps will go a long way to help improve the quality of the air that you breathe.

September Update

by Gary Megginson on 09/21/13

Well here we are mid-September.  The kids are back to school.  Fall is just around the corner and the leaves on the trees will begin to change...

Before you know it the kids will be banging on your door and yelling "Trick or Treat!"  Then what seems like a day or two later, the relatives will be crowded around a table to scarf down the turkey.  The next thing you know that Jolly Fat Man will be burglarizing down the chimney!!!

And for many companies, this is the time of year that we also need to prepare, review, and present the Annual Budget.  Item by item.  Line by line.  This crucial business tool gets painstakingly completed. 

I wish there was some easy way to make a budget without all the struggle, but there really aren't any shortcuts to such an important document.  Just remember that the better the budget planning is done, the better likelihood of success next year.

And, should you find yourself looking at the "Office Cleaning" category and want a competitive quote to compare with your current cleaning solution, please feel free to give us a call at Pinnacle Building Maintenance. 

Thank you for your time!


Rule #1: Wash Your Hands!

by Gary Megginson on 03/29/13

Sometimes the best things you can do is to start with the basics of life...

If you are anything like me, growing up your mother told you like a million times to "WASH YOUR HANDS"!  

But you know what... In over 30 years in the Janitorial Cleaning business it still amazes me how many guys I see walking out of a restroom after they've done their business that do not wash their hands.  I'm not a germ-a-phobe, yet I still find myself grossed out sometimes thinking of all the needless germ-sharing that happens in public!

Childrens' Hospital Los Angeles has a great video that teaches the correct way to wash your hands.  It is less than 2 minutes and you might just learn something!

Proper Hand Washing Technique       http://youtu.be/T98gqC-yanU

It's always best to start with the simple things first and then work on the more complex issues after the basic steps have become habits.

Cleaning for the Health of It! Identifying those issues for improvement.

by Gary Megginson on 03/29/13

Cleaning is one of those areas of life that is VERY subjective to each person.  Some are perfectly happy in a huge mess, just as long as their trashcan is empty.  While others are complete germ-a-phobes like the main character on the TV show MONK. 

Most people are balanced somewhere between those two extremes.  However, for our discussion let’s look at cleaning as it relates to health issues and how to improve the likelihood of wellness for our working staff.

Environmental factors that can further compromise a persons’ health are such things as indoor air quality and water quality in the office and shop areas.  Other factors include proper cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms, lunchrooms, door handles, light switches, and other commonly touched areas of your building.

Creative Faxing Solution

by Gary Megginson on 03/21/13

We found a pretty cool business solution to a issue we had with a piece of office equipment.  Our fax machine broke & we need to replace it...  Well we found a service that is WAY cheaper than buying a new machine! 

If you happen to find yourself in a similar situation, check them out.  Maybe OneSuite can help you too!


This internet fax service has been saving me major money! For just $1, you can get unlimited incoming fax-to-email with OneSuite Fax Basic. And if you want to send online fax, OneSuite Fax Plus starts at just $2.95 a month. You can send faxes on the go, from any Mac, PC or Linux, with each page starting at 1.8 cents, plus free unlimited fax receiving! It gets better, the fax account comes with an international calling service that is super cheap. Just prepay $10 towards your account credit to start off. So sign up, and you'll get an immediate 5% bonus now and at first recharge! Just sign up here: https://www.onesuite.com/account/B33J09484/suitetreat.


Can Office Cleaning for Health Benefits Drive Profit to the Bottom Line?

by Gary Megginson on 03/12/13

As a Human Resource Manager, business executive, owner, or manager have you ever stopped to look around your office and thought to yourself, “What could I do better to positively impact the lives of all the people that work for me?” 

In general the healthier people are, the more productive, happier, and motivated they are.  Staff that maintain good health are improve your customer service because they are on the job and doing the work you have hired them to do.  They are not out sick and burdening other staffers by their absence.  Better customer service is always better for your bottom line profit, ALWAYS!

Unfortunately your associates with compromised immune systems are at greater risk of illness and absenteeism.  Is there anything that you as their employer can do to help your people stay healthy?  Yes there is!  You can make sure the areas which they work are as healthy as possible.

Next we will discuss factors that threaten your health on a daily basis.

Small Business Bottom Line Results, Consider Office Cleaning for Health Benefits

by Gary Megginson on 03/06/13

As a business executive, small business owner, or manager you are faced with the fact that costs of doing business seem to constantly be growing.  In today’s economic realities many, if not most, businesses are not always able to increase the prices you can charge for our goods and services while remaining competitive in the marketplace.  You are required to do more and more with less and less. 

Many turn to cut operational expenses related to administration aspects of the organization.  Cut backs on preventative maintenance of heating and air conditioning units, reduction of frequency of office and restroom cleaning, purchasing lower quality paper supplies for use in office equipment and restrooms (that contain more paper dust), and stretching the useful life of office carpets and fabric furniture just to name a few cost cutting measures.

In this series, we will discuss some of the short and long term consequences of those decisions.