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Carpet Deodorizing Powders

by Gary Megginson on 12/13/14

   This week, while cleaning carpets in an apartment the customer said that the carpets smelled bad and asked my opinion of Carpet Powder Deodorizers (CPD).  I told her what I tell everyone about carpet powders.  CPDs are ok to use IF you have a very good vacuum cleaner that will pull the old powder back out of the carpet once the deodorizing properties have been exhausted.  If you don't have a good strong vacuum cleaner, the left over powder will be just one more thing in your carpet that will need to be extracted later.  
   This conversation got me to thinking about both CPDs and carpet odors in general.  So I thought I would write a series to discuss issues related to Carpet Cleaning in regards to specifically Carpet Odors and the health aspects of treating odors.  

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