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Carpet Odors & Routine House Cleaning

by Gary Megginson on 01/12/15

   In our business, as a janitorial company, occasionally we have a customer call our office to tell us that the service job was not up to par.  Ok, it happens, we hire humans and everyone has a bad day.  So we send out a staff member to resolve any issues as soon as possible.   We are in the customer service business, after all.  

   However, anytime a situation like this arises and we are trying to correct the trouble, we always check the equipment first to see if our tools for the job are working properly.  A carpenter with a broken hammer is not much use until the hammer gets fixed, right?  Specifically, if the issue has to do with the customers’ carpet, we will check the vacuum cleaner for proper function and operation.  Here’s a quick check list to check your vacuum:

  •          Plug It In & Turn It On?  Does the motor work?  Is there possibly an electric short that needs repair?  Get it serviced.
  •          Vacuum Bag; is it full?  Either empty it or change it depending upon vacuum model.
  •          Brush Roller; is it spinning properly?  Is it full of rolled up carpet fibers, string, hair, or other debris? Remove & free up the roller.
  •          Roller Belt; is it there or did it break? Is it old and stretched out?  If it is warn, replace it.
  •          Does It Pick Up?  Sometimes the hose or tube between the brush roller and the bag is clogged with dirt and other stuff.  Unblock the jam.
  •          Does Your Vacuum Have A Carpet Height Adjustment?  If your vacuum is set to vacuum high shag carpet & you are working on a low loop berber carpet the brush will fly over the top of the carpet without touching.  Therefore the vacuum won’t pick up as much as it could. 

 It is a good habit to do a quick check of your equipment is working properly before you invest your valuable time on any project.  As my Grampa used to tell me…  “Don’t confuse effort with results!”  

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