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Creative Faxing Solution

by Gary Megginson on 03/21/13

We found a pretty cool business solution to a issue we had with a piece of office equipment.  Our fax machine broke & we need to replace it...  Well we found a service that is WAY cheaper than buying a new machine! 

If you happen to find yourself in a similar situation, check them out.  Maybe OneSuite can help you too!


This internet fax service has been saving me major money! For just $1, you can get unlimited incoming fax-to-email with OneSuite Fax Basic. And if you want to send online fax, OneSuite Fax Plus starts at just $2.95 a month. You can send faxes on the go, from any Mac, PC or Linux, with each page starting at 1.8 cents, plus free unlimited fax receiving! It gets better, the fax account comes with an international calling service that is super cheap. Just prepay $10 towards your account credit to start off. So sign up, and you'll get an immediate 5% bonus now and at first recharge! Just sign up here:


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