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HELP! My carpet stinks & I don't know what to do!

by Gary Megginson on 12/16/14

   Let's get this Out Of The Way right away...  Everyone has at one time or another experienced living with carpets that don't smell wonderful!  So before you grab an odor fogging machine and blast your entire home with deodorizer or sprinkle a dozen cans of carpet scent powder all around the living room.  Odors are a common situation that we will all deal with from time to time, let's talk about what to do about the smells!  

   First of all, it is always best to locate exactly where the odor is coming from. This may require you to wander around sniffing to see if you are getting closer to the source or if you're going away from the cause.  You may need to enlist help from someone that has a really good sense of smell.  
   Then, deal with the source of the odor.  
  • If you are smelling a musty odor, it could be that the carpets need a complete and aggressive carpet vacuuming to remove dust.  
  • If you are smelling a moldy odor, it could be water wetting the carpet and causing a situation ripe for the growth of mold.  If that is the case, find out the source of the water and stop the water flow.  {This can be a complicated issue, that I will address in a later blog}
  • If you are smelling a bad rotting smell, look carefully and completely to find the source.  Is it a bag old bag of potatoes in the back of a cupboard shelf that has gone bad?  Did a pet do their "business" under the couch?  If the odor is next to a wall, it may be a rodent has died on the other side of the drywall...  
Bottom line is the first thing to do to eliminate odor issues is to locate the cause. Then you can deal with the cause...  We will address causes and solutions in future messages.  Thank you for your time!

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